The Roaring Twenties


“I believe every woman

has a  battle cry-

that not only

encourages her

to face 

and overcome


and have the courage

to raise her voice 

against injustice,

but it also often



in her sphere

to do the same

alongside her.


Scales of Priviledge

She Loves Magazine

I believe God gives us a unique DNA on purpose. We will live out our purpose by understanding who we are as we simultaneously come to know who God is. Each of us is called to bear witness to the transformation that has occurred in our lives … keep reading. 

An Eighth Grade Gathering

  She Loves Magazine

That day changed the trajectory of middle school for me. The gathering of those boys became my protection and safety after over two years of bullying … I began to trust the strength I had to rise above cruelty and pain, not allowing it to define or paralyze me … keep reading. 

Battle Cry

She Loves Magazine

Your battle cry might take you to the edge of the world, the actual mountain peak. Or perhaps it might take you to the edge of your driveway, your pew, the door of your office, your moms’ group, classroom, study group, your social media platform  … keep reading. 

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